February 5, 2021

"Great place!!"
January 30, 2021

"What a nice little find on the inside! Yes you can get gravel and stone and lovely concrete goods, but the little store is a little paradise! Never been before and can't wait to go back. Some items were reduced, but everything else was reasonably priced. It's almost February but I found my family's and friend's ornaments for 2021! Customer service was excellent and all staff was friendly. What a lady's shopping paradise. It may be a small shop but I'll bet you buy something!"
October 7, 2020

"5 stars"
October 6, 2020

"Just called and had excellent telephone experience, they were kind and answered all of my questions.. Great service!"
September 19, 2020

"They were very experienced with spreading the gravel. Made less work for me."
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